Too many times I receive an answer to prayer, but only rejoice temporarily. Then the dark cycle begins again. Difficulty–>Emptiness–>Questioning “Why”–>Doubting the “Who,” which is God. As I’m getting older an more preoccupied; I realize that I MUST stop and record my journey with Jesus. This blog is just one of many outlets. An email […]


I may have one free hand, but it’s rare to have two free hands these days. Thus, the recent absence from my blog. Nevertheless, in the newborn haze, I’ve had many of those “aha,” “good-to-note,” and “I-wish-I-would’ve-known” moments. So, here we go. It’s time to record these observations as a new mommy with 2 under […]

October 18, 2013--Our little girl finally arrived!

The Story I learned my lesson with the first pregnancy: be patient. Caleb came eight days late, so I wasn’t surprised when I went past my due date (10/14) with baby #2. This time, however, I was determined to be patient and avoid the torturous walks, pineapple core, and evening primrose oil. But, I have to admit […]


I’m about to do something quite humbling: post a picture of my not-so-attractive foot. I’ve never been a fan of feet, much less my own. But, let me tell you, I became acutely aware of their existence about two years ago. My Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot was hampering my lifestyle to the point […]

Just minutes before this picture we walked in the door from church, and I was actually dressed up with my hair fixed. THEN I remembered to take a picture. Oh well, this is much more realistic :)

So, I’m cheating just a bit. I’m actually 38 weeks and 6 days, but rounding up is necessary at this stage, right?! This week I received a huge blessing and answer to prayer: My hard-working, exhausted husband was given a week-long vacation since his attending doctor was also on vacation. That meant he got to […]

secret thoughts of unlikely convert

In the past month, I’ve read two worthwhile, engaging books. Here’s a quick rundown of each: THE PROS: Out of a Far Country For busy moms like myself, it’s so nice to find this sort of book–compelling and a quick read! The subtitle gives the ending away, but the journey is engaging enough that you will […]

35 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Girl

Last night Josh told me that he thought this baby looked bigger than Caleb did at 35 weeks. Notice, guys, he said the baby not the mother. Good move! Anyway, this prompted me to find a pregnancy picture with Caleb, which was a super easy task. I was so dutiful with my weekly pregnancy pictures. Why? Maybe […]


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