About This Blog

Some Gorgeous Scattered Sunlight at Hanging Rock Park in NC

Welcome to my blog! I love to write, and I know a good writer needs practice and accountability. So for my first entry, I would like to explain the name.

The sun takes something so bland and makes it sparkle with warmth and beauty. First, I see that God graciously does the same thing to my fallen and fragile human life that scattered sunlight does for this earth. I am useless and ugly without the life-giving hope and peace He gives to lighten my soul. Second, I am reminded that God has placed metaphorical sunlight along my path of life. With each day, I encounter beauty, enjoyment, and encouragement that comes from my Creator. These pieces of scattered light come in every form…from finding a new song, to reading a new book, to meeting a new personality.



  1. Sarah, I love this. You are so good at writing. You could write a book. Are you looking forward to moving? I know you are excited about your new job and Josh going to Med. School and also looking forward to seeing your mom and dad.

    Love you,

  2. tammie oldham · · Reply

    Me & Tim had to look some of those words up in the dictionary! You are much smarter than we are! It’s great to hear from you. I love the blog – it made me want to cry. You are an excellent writer. I guess you are about to pack up belongings and head to IN. I’m still waiting on pictures of the new puppy that Josh has promised you. Enjoy the summer, you’ll be working soon :o)

    PS Tim wants to know if your papa is greaving over Michael Jackson?

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