Monthly Archives: July 2009

Do Not Fret

It’s easy¬† to become discouraged when I hear the news and consider the future of America. This morning I was checking the latest news, and I asked myself, “How can this even be an issue? Isn’t it so obvious that this is just wrong?” Then, God gave me peace while reading my Bible. In a […]

Mocha Mondays and Socialized Healthcare

One of my favorite things about the summer of ’09 is getting a free mocha coffee drink from McDonald’s on Mondays. I know that McDonald’s is not near the caliber of Starbucks, but nevertheless their coffee drinks are tasty. And, you really can’t beat the price, especially on Mondays. This Monday, Josh and I were […]

Two Weeks of Sunshine

After nearly two weeks of non-stop activity, we are back home in Indiana. Just when everything in our place was ALMOST organized (don’t you just hate that stage?), we left Muncie, Indiana, and flew to San Diego, California, where we spent our first wedding anniversary together. Of course, I had no problem trading an almost-clean […]

First Thoughts on the Move

We’re now settling into our new home in Muncie, IN. The whole moving process was rather exciting. My parents accompanied us from South Carolina to Indiana, and their help greatly aided the move. Not to mention, we all had a great time. Now that my parents are gone and the busyness of moving is over, […]