First Thoughts on the Move

We’re now settling into our new home in Muncie, IN. The whole moving process was rather exciting. My parents accompanied us from South Carolina to Indiana, and their help greatly aided the move. Not to mention, we all had a great time. Now that my parents are gone and the busyness of moving is over, reality is setting in. In an attempt to find some transitory internet for the evening, Josh and I just finished cruising “the strip” here in town, and we finally found a Panera Bread tucked away from the main drag. Quite honestly, my first impression was, “This is going to be a long two years. Baby, can you do residency in Greenville?!” Did I also mention, that it was particularly cold here for July 1st. In fact for the past 70 years, it hasn’t been this cold on a July 1st. I don’t dislike our new home, but there is a reason that I previously wrote an ode to the south.

Despite my self-centered thoughts, I must remind myself that my ways are not His ways. It is easy for me to grab onto hackneyed Christian phrases and proclaim them during the good times, but those truths hit home when I am not particularly satisfied with my circumstances. Through Christ, I am understanding how to enjoy this new chapter of life. Because it is not about what I experience, but rather how my experiences impact others for Christ. Through Him I can move anywhere and know that the God of the universe watches over me and uses my temporary life for His glory. My earthly mind often has difficulty grasping the greatness of God and His plans. So, as usual, I’m learning new things here in Muncie, IN 🙂



  1. So glad to see that you have such a great attitude. Papa and I enjoyed helping you and Josh and seeing where you will be living. We are so grateful to God for all his blessings in your life. God is so good!

    P.S. When you want to return to North Carolina, we will be glad to help you move!

  2. Brittany · · Reply

    You’re in! 🙂 I love this line, “I don’t dislike … ode to the south.” I laughed out loud. You are too much. The North isn’t a bad place, I’d love to be there with you!
    And you’re right on about the greatness of God and His plans. I can’t wait to hear about all that the Lord has in store for you two!

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