Two Weeks of Sunshine

After nearly two weeks of non-stop activity, we are back home in Indiana. Just when everything in our place was ALMOST organized (don’t you just hate that stage?), we left Muncie, Indiana, and flew to San Diego, California, where we spent our first wedding anniversary together. Of course, I had no problem trading an almost-clean home for the gorgeous beaches of California. In fact, I wouldn’t mind permanently trading spaces and living in the land of incessant sunshine and idyllic temperatures.

This was a particularly special visit because we stayed with Josh’s grandparents, who live in the area. I had never met them, and it was a joy to learn more about my husband’s background. It perpetually amazes me that I am with him everyday, yet always have something new to learn. We spent a proportionate amount of time visiting with his family and exploring the San Diego area. Some of my favorite memories from our excursions include riding bikes at Coronado Island, touring DisneyLand, and staying at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast, which I highly recommend to anyone headed to Julian, CA.

Mostly, our time on the West Coast was great because I completely forgot about my responsibilities and just let myself relax and savor the time with my best friend.

on La Jolla beach, Disneyland at night, San Diego skyline, anniversary dessert, family picture

In Descending Order: La Jolla Beach, Disneyland at Night, San Diego Skyline, Anniversary Dessert, Family Picture


One comment

  1. Great memories! Let’s do it again sometime…I could use some incessant sunshine right now 😉

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