Mocha Mondays and Socialized Healthcare


One of my favorite things about the summer of ’09 is getting a free mocha coffee drink from McDonald’s on Mondays. I know that McDonald’s is not near the caliber of Starbucks, but nevertheless their coffee drinks are tasty. And, you really can’t beat the price, especially on Mondays. This Monday, Josh and I were out exploring our new hometown of Muncie, Indiana, which really seems to be a town of the past. One of the first people we met asked us, “Why the heck are you moving in? I thought everybody wanted to get out!” Regardless, it’s a quaint town. Anyway, we spotted an equally rustic McDonalds. Instead of waiting in the drive-through, we went inside, and, of course, I enticed my non-coffee drinking husband to come on in for “his” free drink 🙂

While I was waiting, two preteen boys went up to the line and nonchalantly ordered their lunch. Then, all of the sudden, one of them said, “Wait a minute. Isn’t there something FREE today?!”

The cashier, who was sporting a sleek, yet colorful, unicorn tattoo on her neck, said, “Yes, it’s coffee.”

So, the other boy told his friend, “Man, you don’t drink coffee. Let’s just get lunch!”

The former was not satisfied. “No man, don’t you get it. It’s FREE. We ain’t gotta pay nothin!'”

Then, his friend looked at the cashier, “Ok then, let’s get it. What are we getting?”

At this point, I’m cracking up. If they were ten years older, I would have been frustrated. But these kids were cute. Anyway, they looked back at the cashier, who is now riding her unicorn in some mystical land, and they said, “We want that thing that is free.”

Finally, she points to the coffee picture and flatly says, “This is what you get [pointing to the mochas]. Do you want it hot or cold?”

They decide to get a hot mocha, and I sincerely hope they liked it. But they will probably take one sip and throw it away. However, their “mocha Monday” experience is not my point. It’s scary what happens when people hear the word “free.” When we work for things, we not only appreciate them more, but we also take better care of them. When they are free, they become our right, not our privilege. If socialized healthcare happens, then Americans will start to take the “mocha” because it’s there, and then create waste in the process.


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