Monthly Archives: August 2009

My Future Doctor

Yesterday Josh received his white coat to signify the beginning of his medical career. As he walked across the platform, I reflected on the greatness of this task. He has already spent four years hitting the science books during undergrad; this last year he interned at a family practice. Now after five years of hard work, he […]

I Love Sundays

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. During the week I ride a precarious, accelerating train; but on Sunday I arrive at a steady, peaceful destination. Relaxation and reflection are finally possible, and I divulge in a taste of Eden with its lush grass, vibrant skies, and innate worship. No matter how hectic life becomes, I desire to […]

An Update

Finding time to write has been difficulty lately. Two days ago I found out that I will be teaching three sections of AP Language and Composition, along with two senior English sections and one sophomore English section. The total of these classes equals over 170 students. Not only do I feel slightly unprepared to teach a college-level class, […]