My Future Doctor

Yesterday Josh received his white coat to signify the beginning of his medical career. As he walked across the platform, I reflected on the greatness of this task. He has already spent four years hitting the science books during undergrad; this last year he interned at a family practice. Now after five years of hard work, he is beginning medical school. What does the future hold? First, four more years of schooling. Then, at least four more years of residency. So far, our grand preparation total equals at least thirteen years. Lest this thought seems daunting (which it is), I remind myself of the wonderful journey, and not just the ultimate end. The fact that neither of us chose a career that results in instantaneous money upon graduation is often frustrating, but in the end, we both know that we are wealthier than most because of our purpose and not possessions. Before I digress onto another topic, I simply want to conclude that I am proud of my husband. Few of us are cut out to sustain years of medical study, but even fewer of us do it for the right reasons. His future patients will be very fortunate, and I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife. And by the way, I will be screening all future nurse candidates 🙂

Together After the Ceremony

Together After the Ceremony

It's Official! He's Now a First Year Medical Student.

It's Official! He's Now a First Year Medical Student.


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  1. Very proud of Josh and you! Praying for you both everyday!

    Mom and Papa

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