Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving should be a day of reflection and thanks; therefore, I want to share a list of things that my wonderful Lord has graciously given me this year:

  1. Another year of life (James 4:14)
  2. My husband–his love and encouragement have guided me through this year (Ecc. 4:9-12)
  3. Finishing student teaching and graduate school
  4. Receiving a license from the state of Indiana–this was a long, seemingly unattainable, task where God so obviously provided in the most unlikely ways
  5. Taking a trip to San Diego, California, where we spent time with Josh’s grandparents
  6. Getting a job conveniently near Josh’s medical school
  7. Finding a nice, quiet place to live near Josh’s school and my work
  8. Having my parents help us with the moving process
  9. Taking a weekend trip to Chicago
  10. Flying out to NC and completely surprising my mom
  11. Getting through almost two semesters of teaching!
  12. Having helpful, friendly coworkers
  13. Josh getting into medical school, and enjoying it thus far!
  14. Both cars still work, our couch hasn’t caved in, and Josh’s computer hasn’t crashed
  15. Most of all, having an everlasting Father with everlasting love despite my everyday failings


  1. You are right – we are so blessed. Papa and I feel especially blessed to have you as a daughter!

  2. You are such an inspiration. Our family is really blessed and I am so thankful for you and Josh.

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