Immersed in Snow

Our "tortoise" in the midst of Tuesday's snow

I’ve enjoyed the luxury of having the past two days off because of snow. As an “all-or-nothing” sort of person, I tend to favor a cold, blustery, snow-covered winter, or no winter at all. That in-between stuff is just yucky. Well, my wish has been granted. Albeit, the conditions here in Muncie favor that of the North Pole, the full-force of mother nature is beautiful. I’ve enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace and gazing through the particularly large rectangular window that takes up half of our living room. Outside, I see circles of snow flurries and a stately Evergreen outlined in white. Winter is, indeed, tolerable when it comes in extremes for the purpose of highlighting nature for a short time.

In addition to admiring the snow, I’ve enjoyed some cozy home activities: watching movies and baking cookies. Currently, Josh and I are on part six of the seven-part HBO, DVD series of President John Adams. This series has deepened and reinforced my knowledge of American history from the 1750s until the early 1800s. I hope to read the book one day, but it’s rather low on the priority list now. Until then, I’ve enjoyed dialoguing about the historical accuracies, or lack thereof, with my husband, who is reading the book (kudos to him!). The web also offers a great depth of knowledge about the history vs. the movie. As with anything (specifically, a movie), no one should wholeheartedly accept the media’s portrayal of a historical figure or event. Bias is everywhere, especially in history.

I also enjoyed trying out a new recipe: Paula Dean’s Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

Since it was a Paula Dean recipe, I braved the outside elements, went to the local Wal-Mart, and bought some real butter! Along with some outdoor pictures, I posted a picture of the finished product, which I found to be exceptional since the filling includes one of my favorite ingredients, cream cheese 🙂



  1. Photos are beautiful! Those cookies sure look delicious. How about emailing me the recipe.

  2. Photos are beautiful! Those cookies sure look delicious. How about emailing me the recipe. Never mind, I see you linked to the site.

    By the way, I enjoy reading your writing!

  3. I enjoy your writing about the snow and especially the pictures. The cookies look delicious. I printed the recipe and hopefully will try it soon. I always enjoy your blog.

  4. Great pic of the cookies!! You put a lot of goodness in the middle of those cookies 😉 So glad you used the recipe!

  5. Nathan watched the John Adams series and then had me watch it with him again this summer. It is very good!

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