Meet Millie

Josh is now finished with his first year of med school (yay!), and I will be finished with school in two weeks (double yay!). Due to this new-found freedom, we decided it would be a good time to get a dog; something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We decided on ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) as our venue. This is basically a “no-kill” shelter that takes care of pets until they find a home. Here are some of the amazing perks to ARF: (1) obviously, they do not put down the animals, (2) they spade/neuter the pets ahead of time, (3) they are in a great environment until they are adopted/rescued, (4) each potential owner has to go through an application process to ensure that he or she will be a good dog owner.

After much deliberation, we decided on Millie, and we are SO happy with our decision. Here are some amazing perks to Millie: (1) she literally and figuratively fits our lifestyle; her small size makes her great for indoor living, and she is active, but doesn’t require several hours of outdoor exercise, (2) she is affectionate and adoring–she loves us so much, maybe to a fault, (3) she is great with people and children, (4) she is a little cuddle bug that loves to cozy up to our side.

For this post, I’m including some pictures to show Millie’s first week with us. She’s still adjusting, but she’s doing great, particularly since she has been at the shelter for her entire life, which is approximately eight months. We’ve also learned a lot while having our first pet, but more on that later šŸ™‚

Millie's first car ride away from the shelter. She was a big baby, so I held her the entire time.

Her second car ride to go pick up a crate (which she's still getting used to). She does so well in the car!

Millie makes great company while I'm working on lesson plans.

Millie likes her new toy, especially those leather tabs that she can pull off!

Going on a walk with her new pink collar and leash.

Walking with Josh in the park.

She loves walking with her new family!

Hey there! I'm such a happy dog now!

Look at my pretty, new, pink dog tag!



  1. Meredith · · Reply

    So sweet!!!

  2. Such good photos! Millie looks like she belongs with you and Josh. I think you picked the right dog!

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