Oh Where, Oh Where, Did August Go?

After nearly a month, I just logged onto my blog to see that I have been virtually absent. Looking back, August was simply a whirlwind. It began with a wonderful visit from my friend, Amanda; two weeks later a new school year began. In my efforts to get this new school year started off right, I feel that I have done nothing else except my job. It has been wonderful though. I still teach AP, which continues to be a beast of a curriculum. But I also have freshmen this year, which is a change. With over thirty of them in each class, I was prepared for some unruliness, but, surprisingly, they are absolutely delightful. Coming from middle school, they still need a great deal of guidance (i.e., they are needy); however, their enthusiasm is outright precious. I pray they don’t get tinged and hardened by the high school persona that society expects them to put on. Even if they’re tempted to dress themselves apathetically, I will do my best to make sure they always have a safe haven where they can bubble with enthusiasm in my classroom. So far, they love learning, and, as a teacher, I can’t ask for anything better. This is definitely an answer to prayer.

Like I said, I haven’t done much outside my job. Absolutely boring, right? Well, perhaps I can pique your interest with a few other random happenings. I’ve read some good books (which I will be blogging about later), walked the dog quite a bit, made a photo album of our first two years of marriage, watched Josh start his second year of med school, maintained a 3-week cold, and picked up some quirky new hobbies (namely, juicing; which I will also be blogging about later).

If you’ve taken the time to check in, thank you! I will try to do a better job at blogging these days 🙂


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