A Devotional Minute from Woody

Toy Story 3

After a long week, I excitedly came home last Friday knowing that my husband had rented Toy Story 3 from Redbox. I’m not much of a cartoon fan, but the Pixar movies have never failed to keep me engaged–sometimes to the point of tears (particularly Up). After finishing Toy Story 3, my astute husband commented that it takes real talent to make an artificial creature produce so much sincere feeling. As the credits rolled, and I dabbed my teary eyes, I realized that these artifical creatures beautifully reveal one of life’s greatest themes: Sacrificing for the ones who love you.

After mulling over this movie for a few days, I am reminded of the wise words of Woody. As his fellow toys are ready to bask in the glories of Sunnyside Daycare, Woody reminds them that their primary purpose in life is to be there for Andy. Throughout their journey, the toys become doubtful, distressed, and discouraged. All the while, Andy is grieving his loss. It’s not until they see the dark side of Sunnyside and later become enlightened through Mrs. Potato Head’s eye that the toys really understand how much Andy loves them. From that point on, they are devoted to Andy at all costs, even to the point of accepting death on the trash dump’s conveyer belt while trying to pursuing Andy.

While obviously not seemless, there are some obvious parallels between the toys relationship to Andy and our relationship to God. I know that it seems like some people can draw an analogy between a Big Mac and our Christian walk, but I promise that I’m not one of those people, so please hear me out. Like the toys, we cannot fully comprehend the nature of God and His love for us. However, we know that our primary purpose is to be there to glorify Him. In spite of this knowledge, many times we ashamedly become doubtful, distressed, and discouraged–often to the point of lashing out at God, and becoming angry at him for “abandoning us.” All the while, He is there for us; loving us and missing us more than we could ever imagine. Once we come to the full realization of His love and sacrifice for us, nothing will stop us from pursuing Him. Even during our times on life’s trashy conveyer belt, we peacefully accept our circumstances (and impending death) knowing that we have been confronted and comforted with the Truth of God’s love. No wonder Toy Story 3 made me cry.


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