No TV and WAY Better Off

It occurs to me every now and then that Josh and I are extremely different from most of the American population in the fact that we don’t watch TV. We do have a TV for movie viewing purposes (and, actually the computer does a better job), but we don’t get any stations. It’s been like this for almost two years, and I wouldn’t change a thing. This no-TV lifestyle began as an attempt to save money. With so many other pressing needs (loan repayments, decent furniture, educational expenses, etc.), it would have been stupidity to rope ourselves into a monthly cable bill for stations that we wouldn’t have time to watch.

As we carried on without a TV, I realized that not watching TV is justified by more than simply cutting costs. Although it seems incomprehensible to a regular TV viewer, I have had no problem occupying my time at home. Not having a TV has enabled me to get ahead at work, take longs walks with my husband, read more books, experiment with different recipes, give the dog more attention, increase my audial learning (due to more radio listening),  and do more writing. Now, don’t get me wrong: TV has not been the panacea for all my problems. But, it has helped me take a step in the right direction. Will we ever get cable in the future? Perhaps as a mere luxury, but as a necessity? That’s just utterly ridiculous.

Now that I’ve realized the benefits to my TV-free life, I’ve wondered if I can do the same with Facebook. So, I’ve decided to make some changes in that department as well. More on that later.

What would your pie chart look like?



  1. Been reading your blog lately and just wanted to say hey. I am giving up TV for Lent right now so this article hits home.

  2. Hope it’s successful for you. Maybe you will be able to make this a more permanent habit after experiencing all the benefits!

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