Monthly Archives: May 2011

From the West Side to the Best Side

I have just a quick story to share this evening about God’s grace and guidance in our lives. Up until recently, we were bound and determined to move into Indianapolis. Josh even requested to do rotations on the west side of Indianapolis. So, he put the west side as his first pick, he sent off […]

Staying Put

There are few things more┬ápeaceful than to simply know what is expected. For the past three months I’ve been in this in-between stage of deciding what to do next year. Finally, God has given me a peace about a decision (which is to stay at my current job and tackle the long commute), and it […]

“Never Let Me Go” Reveals the God-Sized Hole in Human Hearts

Friday night is usually our “Dinner and Movie” night, but last night was different. Millie and I carried on while Josh was sequestered away studying for Step 1, which is is just 13 days away. I really┬álove to discuss the movie afterward, so being without the husband was a shame. This is a great movie […]