Staying Put

There are few things more peaceful than to simply know what is expected. For the past three months I’ve been in this in-between stage of deciding what to do next year. Finally, God has given me a peace about a decision (which is to stay at my current job and tackle the long commute), and it has been delightful to feel this huge burden lifted. Naturally, I wondered: Why wouldn’t God just tell me this at the beginning? Why do I have to go through all the agony and angst of not knowing the future? I even took two days off work to go to interviews! What good did this do?

Since I know that God pre-ordains everything that has happened or ever will happen, I know that he did not send me on a futile job search. Although I may not know His ultimate reason until I am in Glory, I have found some applications in the here and now:

  1. Allowing me to “test the waters” at another place of employment gave me more appreciation for my current place of employment.
  2. I’m not trying to be mystic or overspiritualize, but God desires for us to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. When I walked out of the interview for my current job, I hopped in the car and told my husband, “That’s where I want to be. It’s right.” I just knew. I didn’t look for sudden illumination followed by an angelic chorus (although it would be nice!), but I just had a sense that this is where I needed to be.
  3. I now have updated resumes, cover letters, and recommendation letters. Keeping these things up-to-date is a hassle, but looking for jobs makes me keep realize the importance of keeping myself fresh and marketable–something that will serve both me and my students well.

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  1. […] which meant no move and a longer commute. Within a week, God made it very obvious that I needed to stay put next year. The only bummer: Josh had requested to do his rotations in Indy near his family, where […]

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