From the West Side to the Best Side

I have just a quick story to share this evening about God’s grace and guidance in our lives. Up until recently, we were bound and determined to move into Indianapolis. Josh even requested to do rotations on the west side of Indianapolis. So, he put the west side as his first pick, he sent off the paperwork, and we thought we were set. Just one day after he sent in his papers, I started feeling that God wanted me to continue working at my current job, which meant no move and a longer commute. Within a week, God made it very obvious that I needed to stay put next year. The only bummer: Josh had requested to do his rotations in Indy near his family, where we thought we would be. Why couldn’t God have enlightened us sooner? Now Josh would likely get his top pick, and he would have to travel twice the distance. If we had only known, we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble, not to mention gas money.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. Josh got his placement letter in the mail. He was, in fact, not placed on the west side of Indy, but he was placed in the closest rotation to our future home! Not only did this news significantly lift our spirits, but it also showed God’s guidance all along. If we had known this before he made his requests, we wouldn’t have seen God’s hand in our lives. Plus, we couldn’t have made better placements ourselves! Praise God for moving us to the best side.


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  1. What good news! Isn’t it wonderful to have a God who always knows what is best for us!

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