A New Chapter Called “Baby”

Since my blog audience is rather small and personal, you probably already know that Josh and I are expecting our first baby on Feb. 1, 2012!  But, I felt that it was time to make a formal blog posting and perhaps explain my online absense for so long. Mostly, I have been lazy. There has also been a lot going on: morning sickness, moving, a new school year, etc.

Aside from the everyday commotion, I’m enjoying the anticipation phase of pregnancy. I’m also overwhelmed by God’s perfect timing. For instance, I felt so incredibly sick this summer, but by the time I started school I was at week 15 and felt much better! I’m also thankful for my teaching job. Keeping busy has been great; otherwise, I think I would stay at home and worry about the least little thing.

The one pregnancy effect, however, that seems to linger is tiredness. I’ve found myself calling the main characters of A Separate Peace the wrong names (Ginny and Fene, instead of Finny and Gene). I’m also having a hard time recalling the names of obvious items (Sharpee, desktop, etc.). My students are certainly being entertained. And, I’m also feeling completely inept without my patient husband. This morning the car wouldn’t start because I had let it run out of gas (this does not normally happen), but thankfully he took care of things. He’s also taken on more housework chores, even during his long days at the hospital. And, mostly, he hasn’t complained about me…at least not outwardly 🙂

Hopefully, there will be more posts about our little baby. Until then, here’s a couple pics of the progression. Enjoy!


One comment

  1. You are soooo cute! I loved what you wrote and those pics! I can’t wait to see more in the upcoming months. Love y’all!

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