Birthday, Baby Boy, and Breakouts…

Weeks 20-21 have been so busy, so here’s a super quick recap! On the Sunday of week 20, we went to Josh’s family’s house to find out our little baby’s gender. We had decided to go with the “Reveal Party” idea, but keep it small. Here’s a picture of the exceptionally tasty (and inexpensive) cake before the cutting (yay, for Meijer!).

Our “Reveal” Cake

We all decided beforehand whether we thought it was a boy or girl by putting on a sports hat or princess crown. I had guessed girl! But, truthfully, I had secretly changed my mind after seeing the ultrasound that previous Tuesday. The little baby was SO active, and it just seemed like it would be a boy. I still decided to go with my original guess though. Well, once we cut the cake, it was blue! And, as you can infer from my blog title, that means we’ll be welcoming a little boy into this world on February 1st. And, I couldn’t be more excited to know the gender and be able to start calling a “he,” not an it 🙂

Definitely blue on the inside, and also very yummy!

Everything with the pregnancy is going much better than it did during the first 14 weeks. I’m enjoying the fact that I can watch food commercials without wanting to grab a trash can. In fact, things are the opposite–I feel like I’m starving all the time now. So, I’m definitely trying to steer clear of sugary foods like the above cake, except on special occasions of course. The only negative side effects have been pain in my lower back and pelvis, which is the worst in the mornings. And, secondly, my arms have been occasionally breaking out in hives when I go to sleep at night. I’m assuming that this is a side effect of pregnancy, but I am ready for this disgusting, itchy rash to go away for good. It also makes me sympathize with those who experience this regularly.

20 Weeks

Now to conclude…Week 21 was an extension of the celebration because I turned 26 on the 18th (And, yes, I’m still struggling with the fact that I’m in my mid-twenties. I wish time would stop right here.) Josh did a wonderful job of spoiling me by just doing those simple things that I enjoy: flowers, pumpkin donuts, and a nice evening meal. I also signed up on some birthday email lists about a week before my birthday, so I was able to capitalize on a lot of freebies–namely a free entrĂ©e at Houlihans, a free entrĂ©e and cup of queso at Moe’s, a free roast beef and milkshake at Arby’s, a free bowl of noodles at Noodles & Co., and free ice cream at Coldstone. I didn’t have to cook the entire week! Now that’s what I call a good birthday 🙂


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  1. I just love all of your updates and pics! This baby is so blessed.

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