Monthly Archives: December 2011

Josh Comes Home!

Josh was in California this weekend, and, boy did Millie and I miss him! She, however, does a better job of expressing her excitement. After patiently watching out the window for two days, she finally spotted him, and I was able to record her sweet reactions.


33 Weeks

I cannot believe it’s already 33 weeks (as of tomorrow)! Wow. I’m absolutely swamped at work right now since I’m trying to take care of all the difficult content before I go on maternity leave. Thankfully, I’ve been able to persevere even though I really wanted to take a day off this week. You see, […]

Two Weeks in Pictures

There hasn’t been much of a theme these past two weeks, except for a lot of random enjoyment. This time of year always puts me in a good mood even though I’m swamped in papers. I love the anticipation of Christmas, the shopping, the baked goods, the time with family, and the general coziness of […]