Two Weeks in Pictures

There hasn’t been much of a theme these past two weeks, except for a lot of random enjoyment. This time of year always puts me in a good mood even though I’m swamped in papers. I love the anticipation of Christmas, the shopping, the baked goods, the time with family, and the general coziness of a warm home. So, without further ado, I will just let a few pictures speak for the past few weeks.

P.S. How many times can you find a little Jack Russell posed in the background?

Right after Thanksgiving, Josh and I took a much-needed weekend getaway. Here we are at the top of the Circle Center Monument in Indy.

The obligatory pregnancy pose taken at 30 1/2 weeks right after Thanksgiving. The baby didn’t get much turkey, but I made sure to fill us up on sweet potato casserole!

A week after Thanksgiving, we finally got our Christmas decorations. It has made things so cozy, and I cannot wait to come home from work, heat up some hot chocolate, and read a good book in that recliner!

Millie’s reaction to the Christmas-decorating festivities: “Mom, when are you going to finally have that kid? I’m tired of playing dress up.”

Our little family took a Saturday evening walk to the Winter Folly in town this past weekend.

We’re making slow, steady progress in the nursery: this week we put up curtains, shelves, and the guest bed.



  1. Love the photos! Millie looks so cute!

  2. Sarah, your apartment is so nice and Millie looks cute in her Santa hat. I love all the pictures..

  3. Love the porch you are on in the Thanksgiving day picture! Your apartment is very nicely decorated and just perty! And, I can’t wait till baby Paschall is in that crib. His room looks nice!

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