Monthly Archives: January 2012

Almost 39 Weeks

In just ten days, this baby should arrive–I hope. Until now, I never understood the whole agony of going beyond one’s due date. I always figured if one could be pregnant for 40 weeks, what is another few days? Well, I understand now. At this point, I’m really uncomfortable, and these last few days seem […]

37 Weeks

Josh and I just had a spur-of-the-moment date night this evening. Thankfully, I noticed a BOGO coupon sitting in my inbox for an entrĂ©e at a local restaurant this Wednesday, so we seized upon this opportunity to have a nice sit-down meal before the baby gets here. We don’t go out very often because of […]

Our Story of Redemption

I have a wonderful resource to share, but first I must give a little background! If I attend my church’s 8:30 morning worship service, I usually find myself driving back home around 11 am, which is the hour that Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s Moody Radio Hour is airing. I absolutely love being able to hear the […]

My Quest for Sleep

The past few weeks have been full of holiday cheer, good tidings, and continuous traveling. This traveling, so I thought, was the reason for my lack of sleep, but this turned out to be wishful thinking. The fact, so I’ve been told, is that sleeping just becomes very uncomfortable during late pregnancy. Am I supposed […]