My Quest for Sleep

The past few weeks have been full of holiday cheer, good tidings, and continuous traveling. This traveling, so I thought, was the reason for my lack of sleep, but this turned out to be wishful thinking. The fact, so I’ve been told, is that sleeping just becomes very uncomfortable during late pregnancy. Am I supposed to just accept this?

Well, my search for answers began this morning and ended about the time I decided to write this post. I found a nice thread on The Bump where several others were commiserating about the piercing pelvic pain that was keeping them up at night. A few suggestions were made: a chiropractor (which insurance doesn’t cover and Josh doesn’t support), a physical therapist (who has time for those exercises?), and a body pillow (where would I store this behemoth contraption?).

At this point, I may just continue with my pillow fort and purchase a pregnancy sleep wedge, which seems like the most economical option. However, I plan to keep experimenting with sleep options in hope that something is more comfortable. And, all in all, my tune has changed about wanting the baby to arrive on his due date. He can come early anytime now 🙂

Sleeping Accommodations during Months 3-8: Don’t let this grainy picture fool you–Once I get in bed, I add two more pillows to the stack, and Josh is forced to cling to the side of the mattress for the night’s duration (a small sacrifice, right?).

Sleeping Accommodations during Month 9: What seemed like utter bliss in the recliner for the first few nights is no longer working out too well because there’s too much pressure on my back, making me feel a wee bit light-headed halfway through the night. This arrangement was probably not the best way to help Millie acclimate to this next stage of life anyway–lol!



  1. All I can say is wow. The huge pile up of pillows is making me laugh! I am just picturing Josh clinging to the bed in the middle of the night and wishing he had a tiny bit of room. I feel your pain with the end of the pregnancy sleeping problems. It will be over before you know it! Little man is coming soon!

  2. Reblogged this on Our Light Affliction and commented:
    Although it has been many, many years ago that my lovely wife went through this kind of physical turmoil trying to get comfortable in the third trimester, I can even more readily relate to this with the muscle fatigue that my motor neuron disease (mnd) brings that causes me to have sleepless nights. 3 tabs of Baclofen and 1 Melatonin sometimes does not even work. Prayer, by the grace of God in Christ, is usually the only remedy.

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