37 Weeks

Josh and I just had a spur-of-the-moment date night this evening. Thankfully, I noticed a BOGO coupon sitting in my inbox for an entrée at a local restaurant this Wednesday, so we seized upon this opportunity to have a nice sit-down meal before the baby gets here. We don’t go out very often because of our schedules and budget, but this meal was worth all the time and money because it really hit me that this was probably our last date we would ever have together before we became parents. What a crazy thought!

The baby is now full-term, and his arrival is imminent. I don’t think he will come until at least 39 weeks, but I’m trying my best to get mentally prepared. And, at this point, I want him to come sooner rather than later. I discovered my first stretch mark last night and as superficial as it sounds, I was distraught. Josh just laughed. That’s OK though. He knows his role in counterbalancing my hormonal self. I’m also finding it more and more difficult to sleep, walk, or stand up. According to the doctor, this little boy has already dropped and wedged himself in the ready position, which explains this constant pelvic pressure. Thus, I have learned that the pregnancy waddle is not due to the excess weight, just the excess pain. Yet, despite the discomfort of pregnancy, I’m just ready to meet our son. Although I can’t imagine life as a parent, I’m already so deeply attached to this little creation of God’s.

37 Weeks–Baby is now full-term!

I’m trying to explain to my sweet Millie that her little brother (and future playmate) are in my big belly. She’s doing her best to understand.



  1. Love the photos!

  2. If you just discovered your FIRST stretch mark, you better not be complaining!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pics are cute, and the room looks nice!

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