The Sweetness of Life

Seeing the miracle of my son come to fruition will never cease to amaze me. With full-time work looming (12 days away, to be exact), I have been reminded of Emily Dickinson’s words: “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” I would also add to her observation that how it [life] came to be makes it equally as sweet.

Life is unarguably an act of God. Lately my reading goals have diminished due to the lack of two available hands (certainly not for lack of trying!), and I’ve spent more time watching TV. One channel that I enjoy is TED–nerdy, I know. Although a bit lengthy, I was particularly amazed at the following clips:

Start at 2 minutes with this first one if you have time to watch.

Although most of us have set through biology class and are well aware of the stages from implantation to birth, I find it more amazing that the timing and conditions had to be perfect in order to create each person throughout history. What a testimony to the hand of God that Caleb was chosen to be my son at this exact time in my life.

And, after watching October Baby this past week, I had to ask myself, “Is it really plausible that interactions before birth can impact our emotions later in life?” According to the research presented by Annie Murphy Paul in the second video, it makes perfect sense. And, why wouldn’t it? If life begins at conception, then these purports make sense. It becomes quite obvious that the sweetness of life starts from the very moment one is conceived.

Likewise, this learning rapidly continues after birth, and each day I witness an exquisite little being learning and adapting to his new life outside the womb. Does God intend for me to just mourn each moment that passes? Not at all, but He expects me to live each moment to His glory (I Cor. 10:31) and relish the miracles that He’s given me. And, in the midst of it all, I’m so thankful for modern technology to help me capture some of His gifts!

Here’s to eight weeks and the sweetness of life 🙂


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