Bye-Bye, Morton

I’ve been losing pieces of my physical self throughout the week. First, it was seven inches of hair, and then it was a nerve tumor, called Morton’s Neuroma, located in my left foot. Although I had been growing my hair out for about a year and a half, I was rather happy to see it go. I love long hair, but I just never had time to style it anymore. However, it was harder for me to be so lackadaisical about my first surgery. I was particularly nervous about being “put under,” and I’m still nervous about the success of my procedure. But, all in all, I’m happy it’s done and over. I also have a lot more empathy for those who regularly undergo hospital procedures. The needles and post-op nausea are just no fun. And, without further delay, here’s some pictures to document surgery day. I hope to post a follow-up of my recovery process. Hopefully, I’ll be my active self again in a few weeks!


Top left: During pre-op. I was so thankful to have Josh with me until I was taken into the OR.
Top right: Here’s a blurry picture of the nerve tumor that was taken out of my foot.
Bottom left: Right after surgery. Boy, I was woozy. I felt like I was going through first trimester all over again.
Bottom right: At home convolescing with my therapy dog.


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