Losing It, Yet Loving It

About a year ago my parents were visiting, and Josh mentioned that they were studying about acromegaly in medical school. He went on to mention that many people believe that Abraham Lincoln had this disease. My mom, being the engaging listener that she is, went on to ask a profound question. And, wait for it…She asked, “Is that how Lincoln died?”

This, of course, did not escape my dad’s ears. And we all, of course, still get a good laugh out of her initial response. However, I can’t laugh too hard. I totally take after her. And, in the past year, I’ve been guilty of much worse than a simple verbal faux pas. Below is my laundry list of just a few mishaps, which I will entirely blame on my sleep-deprived, mommy state:

  • Pouring french vanilla creamer (instead of half and half) into my creamy alfredo dish, which Josh ate anyway, by the way.
  • Forgetting to take cookies out of the oven.
  • Walking Millie’s without attaching the leash to her collar. Thankfully, she’s very obedient, so she never left my side, but my neighbors had to be wondering why I was holding out an empty leash.
  • Pouring water on top of Millie’s dry dog food–I guess I thought it was cereal??
  • Putting liquid laundry detergent into my dryer–I guess I thought it was a dryer sheet??
  • Going through a light because it changed, not because it turned green. God looks after me; that’s for sure!

I’m sure I could go on. And, I know my husband could add much more to this list. But, in spite of all these mess-ups, I have to admit that most of them add a nice bit of humor to my life. Plus, I now have one of the best excuses ever.




  1. Okay, Sarah, I was very, very, tired when I asked that question. You will understand someday!

  2. By far, this is my favorite post. Hilarious! I can’t believe you put liquid detergent in the dryer and all the other things. I am laughing out loud at those moments you listed. Those pics comparing 6 weeks and 7 months is adorable.

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