We Loved Spring Break

Josh’s Spring Break coordinated with mine, so the three of us got to spend an ENTIRE week together, and it was beyond wonderful to catch up on some projects while still enjoying time together. So, here’s how Spring Break 2013 went down…

First Nice Dinner with Caleb

No babysitter? No problem. The three of us went out for a nice evening dinner together. Baby Einstein was on, but virtually silent. And since going out is a rarity for us, we also decided to give up any food battles and just let Caleb have whatever he wanted (which was most of the spinach/artichoke dip). That’s how we enjoyed a stress-free dining experience 🙂


After dinner we enjoyed a snow-covered walk in this quaint downtown. Can’t believe how well my little guy gets around! He’s getting so independent and starting to become averse to the hand-holding sometimes.


Here we are! The four of us (Yep, did you catch that? More on that news later!).


Now that we know where Josh’s residency is for the next four years, we spent a great deal of time house-hunting. Thanks to Josh for this candid, early morning, house-hunting picture. I am, of course, checking out the storage space.

Visit to Young's Dairy Farm

We took a quick jaunt to Ohio to see some friends. On the way we stopped at a dairy farm and petting zoo. Caleb loved the animals. He thought the goats were large Millies 🙂


Noting that Caleb is in love with climbing, we took him to a playground. I’m so excited that it’s warming up because he loved climbing and sliding. It did scare me a little, though!


Oh, the thrill!


I just love these two men in my life, and, as you can tell, Caleb LOVES having his daddy home!


Easter was wonderful. We enjoyed celebrating our risen Savior, going to church, and spending time with Josh’s family. We also, yet again, failed to get a good family picture. Oh well. There’s always next year. Caleb, however, immensely enjoyed getting an Easter basket this year.

First and Second Easter

Can’t believe how much my little man has changed since last Easter. I’m clearly still in love and so very thankful for our much-needed Spring Break.


One comment

  1. I’m so glad you got to spend spring break together. That is so wonderful and much needed in this time since Josh recently got back and the move is coming up soon.
    Your pics are precious as always.

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