Baby #2!!!

for blog--baby 2 pic

Here we are on March 22, getting our first glimpse of our baby and hearing its heartbeat at 10 weeks, 4 days. There’s nothing like this experience; no one will ever be able to tell me that this isn’t a precious life that deserves a chance to be born and grow. What a miracle!

Over two months ago I had an exciting realization, and I made sure to quickly type out my thoughts that evening so I wouldn’t forget about the day I found out about our precious blessing that was on its way. As most expecting moms, I will forever enjoy looking back at that moment when I realized we were having another baby. Here are a few snippets from that moment

Wow, what a week. Josh left for his 6-week medical missions trip to Ghana this past Friday. It’s only been four days since his departure, and I’m already falling apart. Caleb developed full-blown Pink Eye on Saturday, and upon taking him to the doctor, he was also diagnosed with a cold virus and a double ear infection. I am sick, too. About 30 minutes into rocking my screaming and very needy 11-month-old (for probably about the 5th time that day), I told God, “You have got to be teaching me something here.” I consider myself a patient person (i.e., I teach high schoolers!). But, with no exit in the form of nearby family or friends, I found myself wanting to collapse right along with my screaming child. So, while rocking Caleb, I prayed through it. It wasn’t pretty, but it certainly helped.

To add to my list, I felt strange. It was probably my cycle getting ready to visit, I thought. Nevertheless, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I hurriedly set the test on my bathroom counter and came back to the kitchen to finish dishes while Caleb was still napping.

About five minutes later I darted back in my bathroom to grab a mundane item like a bobby pin and decided to pick up the strip and throw it away. But, something prompted me to take a second glance. It looked like a second line…. So, I pulled out another test, and it didn’t appear immediately, but a few seconds later I saw a second line!

I ran into the kitchen and held both tests under a bright light and was just overwhelmed with joy and worship toward God. With no one around to share in this experience, I grabbed Millie (my ever-present, devoted canine), and told her that yes, “We were expecting!”  How gracious of God to give me such great joy during a bleak time. Half a world separated me and Josh, yet I carried OUR baby. It wasn’t until that afternoon that Josh was able to respond to the email that held a picture of a lovely, positive, peed-upon, pregnancy stick. When he did, he said it was just the news he needed to carry him through this trip that he was taking alone. God is good all the time. And even if the news would have been negative, God, the Creator of all things, is is still good all the time. 



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  1. I love it! This post is wonderful. I think it is so awesome that you recorded your thoughts from the day you found out about #2 being on the way. I am so happy for y’all!

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