A New Chapter of My Reading Life

Something happened to me about 2.5 years ago. I was pregnant and realizing that I could not stay alert after 8 p.m. Reading? It just wasn’t happening. Grading papers or tidying up the house? Those things weren’t happening either. Pregnancy gave way to my precious baby, who obviously kept me just as exhausted. And now that my precious baby is sleeping 11 hours every night. Wonderful, right?! Well, I’m actually pregnant and exhausted again! I’ve deduced that I will probably always be exhausted at night, and I think most people (not just mommies) who has gone full force all day has a hard time being productive at night.

Sadly, I’m not as bothered about a pile of papers or a stack of dishes. But, that stack of unread books in the corner?  That really bothers me. There are worlds that I must explore. People who I need to meet. Ideas that I should better understand. Those clean dishes? They don’t produce lifelong benefits. A book? The benefits are endless.

I therefore concluded that I had to do something to resurrect my nightly reading. So, I put aside what many (including myself) would deem as more worthy books–you know, those books that you feel every paragraph needs to be chewed upon, journaled about, and then revisited again. And, I decided that I would instead find something that excites me (often a novel or memoir of sorts), and although it may not be as meaty, it would be read. I have a huge interest in international affairs, missions and history; so I’ve found books that fit into those category, but also provide a compelling story line (Amazon reviews help immensely when sorting through books).

The result so far has been six books in the past three months. It wasn’t until I finished my latest book that I realized what I had subconsciously done to incite more reading, but now with a conscious effort, I am making a goal of a new book every two weeks. Please send any recommendations for reading or productive reading my way!

Book reviews are forthcoming 🙂


One comment

  1. You go woman! Determined to do it and getting it done! Wish I were more like you!!

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