A Mommy Lesson

This past month has been one of instability. There are so many life events that I’ve wanted to blog about; such as moving, taking a hiatus from teaching, reflections from teaching, book reviews, cruising, and much more. But with everything in flux lately, I have been without my computer and internet for the past two weeks. There are certainly pros to taking a technology fast, but I’m glad to have it back!

I’m hoping to revisit the aforementioned topics, but for now, I just want to highlight one of those precious mommy moments I had yesterday.

As Josh and I were unpacking our family room, we were involved in a captivating discussion and overall preoccupied with ourselves. All of the sudden, Josh stops, looks at Caleb, and says, “He’s reading his first book!” I look down, and he has opened his box of books, pulled out Dr. Seuss’s Go, Dogs, Go! and is reading it. The astonishing part to me is that I haven’t read that book to him in months, and he pulls it out of his large stack of board books and starts saying, “Go…go…go.” Many moons ago, when I read it to him, I probably read it repeatedly with much gusto, but I never imagined he would recall it.

Then, the lesson hits home for me. It’s one I learned while teaching. How many times have I poured my energy into something and not seen immediate results, leaving me discouraged, feeling like I was making no difference in the end? Caleb reassured me that sitting down and spending that one-on-one time with him is infinitely valuable.

And, thankfully my camera was sitting around to capture the last half of his first reading moment. So, here it is. One of those videos that only a mom can enjoy 🙂



  1. toa777@aol.com · · Reply

    What an amazing little boy! He gets his smarts from Mom and Dad!

    At Granny’s checking email and getting water. I am going to be so grateful when the power comes back on.

  2. Love the video!

  3. Wow! You have one really smart cookie on your hands. Jason and I always talk about how smart your children will be, but wow. He’s so cute turning the pages and continuing to read. That has to make y’all so proud! Had I whipped out the camera on J if he would have done something like this, he would have stopped immediately. So, way to have the camera right there and get it all on tape!

    1. I don’t know about the smart part, but I think he’s got the entertaining part down. And, yes, I’ve learned to keep the camera in the kitchen–the center of our home these days!

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