Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson: A Review

For anyone who keeps up with the literary fashion and enjoys a faraway setting, you might feel the pressure to read this much-talked-about book. So, I did. ¬†After some time on the library’s waiting list, I finally received this novel and started immediately since it couldn’t be renewed. With a little one running around, I […]

A Little Excitement in the Everyday

We’re so thankful for our public servants. Today, while shopping at Aldi, a cashier had passed out (it didn’t seem to be too serious, by the way). As we were leaving, the local fire department-complete with EMS, truck, and eight workers–arrived. The firemen saw Caleb with his firetruck shirt on, pointing excitedly, saying “truck, truck!” […]

To My 18-Month-Old Baby…

This past Saturday, we took Caleb to Portrait Innovations to have a professional picture taken of him at 18 months. (Side note: I, for once, came out of that place with only one pose and only spent $7.99! This is what happens, friends, when you take your budget-conscious,¬†decisive husband with you; you actually stick to […]