To My 18-Month-Old Baby…

This past Saturday, we took Caleb to Portrait Innovations to have a professional picture taken of him at 18 months. (Side note: I, for once, came out of that place with only one pose and only spent $7.99! This is what happens, friends, when you take your budget-conscious, decisive husband with you; you actually stick to the coupon!)

I had reservations that I was being too “first-time mom” to have yet another professional portrait of Caleb taken–I mean, is 18 months really that big of a deal? Then, I came home and did this, and I was sorry no more.

Caleb at 2 wks, 6 mos, 1 yr, and 18 mos-b

I mean, I have a baby in the first three pictures, and in the span of just six months, he now looks like a little man. He has hair, lots of teeth, and has lost most of his baby fat. This pregnant momma suddenly realized what six months had done to her sweet baby, and I confess–I got rather emotional.

But, as I now look at my little tyke–running around, climbing on window sills, becoming absolutely fascinated with planes–I realize two things: (1) he will always be my baby, and (2) this is such a fun age that will also pass too quickly, so I better just stop and breathe in the moment.

Someone at a church function once shared that our moments wouldn’t be so precious to us if they weren’t fleetingWhat a great thought. Because I know this stage will pass, I treasure it even more. So, to my 18-month-old baby, this is what I now treasure about you…

  1. Your zealousness for life–Your mischievous eyes and impish little grin are always looking for a tease and a good time. You love being chased, and getting a reaction from Mommy and Daddy (better be careful what we laugh at these days!). You will often skimp on nap time because you are talking and “mooing” to the animals on your bedding, or making plane and truck noises.
  2. You don’t like vegetables–The treasure here is that you have forced Mommy to be very creative with spinach/carrot pancakes, strawberry/kale smoothies, etc.!
  3. You make me feel like the most loved mommy in the world–That look you give me when I walk in the door to get you out of bed in the morning is priceless. It’s worth every emotionally, physically draining moment of mommyhood.
  4. You may be on the move all the time, but you still stop long enough to give hugs, kisses, or “knuckles.”
  5. You have an incredible eye for detail–Every morning you line up your cars, trains, and trucks with no tolerance for misplacement. This is how I know you are Daddy’s child 🙂
  6. You love people–Although you randomly pick some people to be shy with, it’s very common for you to wave at everyone at the grocery store and then blow kisses and yell “bye-bye” over an over to the cashier.
  7. You have no emotional filter yet–Yes, we see some meltdowns, but it’s been very humbling for Mommy and Daddy. We realize that we have the same emotions, but have to also work on how we express them, and we are reminded that we must rely on God’s grace. You are teaching us as much as we teach you, and for the most part, your emotional filter shows us a happy, loved little boy who has been one of our most precious gifts from God.

*Full disclosure: I was writing this while Caleb napped. When he woke up, I simply needed to proofread and hit “publish.” So, I let him go outside with Millie because he wanted to check out the plane he heard. I notice he’s bringing a rock inside–this is nothing new. And, he shows me this super smelly rock, and I realize it’s dried dog turd, and it’s all over his shoe, too. So, a meltdown (he cried because I took his “rock” away) and good washing later, I’m finally hitting publish and reminding myself of #7 🙂


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  1. Oh my soul. This is so funny and so priceless. Loved seeing the pics of your infant growing into a toddler and your description of his little personality is wonderful to hear. He will definitely always be your baby. I will be laughing about the “rock” for a long time to come.

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