A Little Excitement in the Everyday

At 32.5 weeks with my firefighter.

At 32.5 weeks with my firefighter.

We’re so thankful for our public servants. Today, while shopping at Aldi, a cashier had passed out (it didn’t seem to be too serious, by the way). As we were leaving, the local fire department-complete with EMS, truck, and eight workers–arrived. The firemen saw Caleb with his firetruck shirt on, pointing excitedly, saying “truck, truck!” So, they came over to talk to him and give him a hat, making it Caleb’s favorite shopping trip ever.

Here’s a picture of him. Adoring himself in the mirror–ha! And, the reason baby girl may come out looking a bit squished–check out Caleb’s right knee. That’s exactly where her head is right now (yes, hoping that she turns soon). I have know doubt there will be retribution when she arrives, though 😉

One comment

  1. Your bump is adorable and so is little firefighter! Will be praying baby girl turns!

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