An Update: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks Pregnant with Baby GirlLast night Josh told me that he thought this baby looked bigger than Caleb did at 35 weeks. Notice, guys, he said the baby not the mother. Good move!

Anyway, this prompted me to find a pregnancy picture with Caleb, which was a super easy task. I was so dutiful with my weekly pregnancy pictures. Why? Maybe because it was a “first,” or because it was winter and I didn’t feel like a swollen blob, or maybe it was because I had to dress up for work.

But, one thing’s for sure: it’s not because I was any more excited about our first baby than our second. I think every mom understands the novelty of that first pregnancy. With all subsequent children, pregnancy becomes a way of life, not a life change.

Nevertheless, I suffered a mild case of mommy guilt and decided to put on my nice (yes, totally joking) clothes, let my hair down, take a 35-week picture, and reflect on pregnancy #2. Here are some standout moments:

  • I’ve gained more weight this time around. And, I’m usually okay with that reality because less morning sickness is worth a few pounds.
  • I’ve had a ridiculous craving to smell gasoline and cleaning products (sadly, no extra impetus to clean).
  • This pregnancy has been just as painful and tiresome with the lower-back pain, the infections, the round ligament pain. But, you know what? It hasn’t bothered me nearly as much. Maybe I’m used to it, or maybe I’m learning to cope a little better.  Or, maybe I’m just distracted by my precious toddler. Either way, it’s an encouraging thought.
  • This little girl has moved nonstop since week 18, and her favorite time to boogie is at night.
  • This little girl has measured small since week 30, but every time I have an ultrasound, she measures on target. In fact, her head is measuring 99%, which has weakened my resolve to try and deliver naturally.
  • I’m carrying very low and have decided that my or Caleb’s life will have to be at risk in order for me to run, even a few feet. Seriously, we ran across the road one day, and I felt like she was going to drop out.
  • She was breech for a few weeks, but turned around at my latest ultrasound last week. Big blessing–that was not comfortable at all.
  • Josh and I finally have a name, but are still wavering on a middle name.
  • This pregnancy has gone so much faster than the first one, and we can’t wait to meet Miss _______ 🙂


  1. Love the update! Your picture is beautiful. Your hair is getting so long!!! I’m so glad she turned! I can’t wait to meet baby girl________, and I can’t wait to see my little friend Caleb again at Christmas. It can’t come fast enough!

    1. I know, Miranda! Pregnancy does great things for my hair. I will not be saying this 4 months post-pregnancy, though!

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