One Year Later


9/2012: I spent the first few days after surgery snuggling with my non-mobile little guy. As soon as I began recovering, he started crawling. Good timing, Caleb!

I’m about to do something quite humbling: post a picture of my not-so-attractive foot. I’ve never been a fan of feet, much less my own. But, let me tell you, I became acutely aware of their existence about two years ago. My Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot was hampering my lifestyle to the point where I couldn’t comfortably walk over a mile, even with the best shoes and inserts.

After much research, I decided to opt for surgery (read more about it here). Over a year later, I feel it necessary to post a follow-up for anyone out there that might be contemplating this surgery.

So, was it worth it?


A year later, I have a loss of sensation in a very small area between my third and fourth toe, which hasn’t bothered me at all. I have no pain due to the neurosa removal and (aside from being app. 40 weeks pregnant right now), I can exercise with no pain. I also had the surgery just one month before my first child started crawling, so the timing was perfect. Within a couple weeks, I was hobbling around with no problem. And, within six weeks, I was fitting back into my regular shoes and getting on with life. And, one year later, I’m extremely pleased with the results (and the scar is barely noticeable!).

Progress of Neuroma's Surgery

A few additional notes about surgery:

  1. I know that recovery varies for each person, but I am in my 20s, so I’m sure it helped expedite the process.
  2. I also had an excellent surgeon, which is obviously key to success.
  3. The worst part for me was coming off anesthesia. It gave me a pounding headache, accompanied by nausea.

So, what about my other foot?

I have a mild neuroma in my right foot, but it’s never been as bad as the one my right foot was. With proper footwear (I highly recommend getting Orthaheel or made-to-fit shoes), it’s been virtually unnoticeable.


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