Monthly Archives: May 2014

Our 1st ER Escapade (Warning–some graphic images)

In this post you will find everything you ever needed to know (and too much more) about Caleb’s first ER visit and how it came about. Disclaimer: All photos were taken when Caleb was calm and not bleeding. His well-being was put above picture-taking ūüôā In the end, our 1st ER escapade went about as […]

A Life Update

Much has transpired¬†since my last post, so it’s high time to¬†simply write¬†an update about where our family is with life. I’ll begin¬†with the most noticeable changes first– The kids. Let’s start with Adalynn, our newest member, who is surpassing us all when it comes to growth and developmental rate. Her first two months of life […]