A Life Update

Much has transpired since my last post, so it’s high time to simply write an update about where our family is with life. I’ll begin with the most noticeable changes first–

The kids.

Let’s start with Adalynn, our newest member, who is surpassing us all when it comes to growth and developmental rate. Her first two months of life were a bit rough. Time after time, I thanked God that I stayed at home with her and didn’t have to go to work the next morning. All infants are demanding, though, and keeping that whole idea of the 4th trimester (thank you, Happiest Baby on the Block) in mind really helps. So, with those practices in mind, Adalynn lived in my arms or in the Moby wrap. And we survived. Then, 3 months came, and this amazingly happy little girl emerged (another thank you, in part, to my no-dairy diet).

adalynn at 3 mos

At three months, we saw lots of smiles. And, Adalynn began to really enjoy tummy time.

Adalynn at 4 Months

Four months was equally delightful, and she began to spend a lot of time in the (not pictured) exersaucer, which she still loves! Although I LOVE cuddles, it was nice to get my hands back. Caleb, now two , enjoyed having a more interactive sibling. She also began rolling.

Adalynn at 5 Months

Still growing and smiling at 5 months. Not a fan of naps, and needed to see mommy to be happy in the car.

Adalynn at 6 months

At 6 months, she started eating some pureed foods (just once a day), and she began to sit up pretty well. She also started sleeping through the nights. Her toy preference shifted from baby gear to big brother’s Legos.

Adalynn at 7 months-d

At 7 months (where we are now), Adalynn is a completely unassisted sitter, enjoys eating puffs, and she is quite mobile for not being a crawler yet.  She is also giving us at least one good nap a day, and her contagious smile brings us so much joy.

2 teeth at 7 months-a-b

And, at 7 months, her two bottom teeth have come through. Finally!

Next up is Caleb, who still speaks of himself in the third person by calling himself “K-Bub,” due to his inability to say the “la” sound. As much as we’ve tried not to, Josh and I are now calling him K-Bub. It’s a little hard to buck the trend when you hear, “Mommy, K-bub wants…..” or “Mommy, K-bub is….” ALL day long. I admit, it’s cute and fitting for now. And, hey, if he ever needs some sort of band name, K-Bub might just catch on one day? Eh, maybe not….

Anyway, K-Bub–I mean Caleb–turned two in February. Shortly before his second birthday, we tried potty-training. It was a bust and intensely comical. I actually wrote a post about it, but I need to get around to editing it before publishing. So, hopefully that will be forthcoming.

Josh and I have learned a lot about the fragile, yet intensely adventuresome, spirit of a two-year-old boy. His brutal honesty and raw emotions are comical, and they have to be, or else I might be crying some days. One minute he is hugging my neck, telling me “K-bub wuvs Mommy!” and the next minute, he’s running away from my kisses, saying “No, mommy! K-bub not want kisses! K-bub go outside!” Now that the weather is nicer, he demands a daily walk; and as long as he revises his command to a polite request, I usually indulge him. He spends most of his time playing with his vehicles, his sandbox, his puzzles, or his Legos. And, he tolerates the following foods: Costco hot dogs, apple slices, ‘ola (granola) bars, chips, bananas, bread, and beans.

I’m also loving how much he can learn at such a young age. He seems to remember everything, so I’m trying to expose him to those simple, yet life-changing and profound, Gospel truths at his age.


Here he is on his second birthday. In retrospect, I probably should have scheduled it a little later. The party started RIGHT after he woke up from his nap, so it took him about an hour to get into it. He still had a great time, though!


The morning after his birthday. He was one pumped little dude to wake up to his new birthday toys.

The family.


We celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of four here in Indiana. Admittedly, it was sad to forego our usual visit to NC, but it was also fun to set up some traditions on our own this year.


First Christmas!


Loved being in a home of our own with a crackling fire in our fireplace. It was as cozy as I’d imagined. Apple cider, Christmas music, and all 🙂


These two (mostly Caleb) enjoyed looking at their presents from NC under the tree.


We got a used train table for Caleb, and it was, of course, a huge hit on Christmas morning. So much, that he wouldn’t even eat. I couldn’t even entice him with cinnamon rolls!


This winter was defined by snow. LOTS of snow. And -20 wind chills.

Caleb's 1st snowman

Caleb loved playing in it. I didn’t. Thankfully, Daddy made it home early a couple of days.

Sarah's January Haircut

About four months postpartum, I started losing handfuls of hair. So, it was time to give my shower drain a break and get a substantial cut. Now, if I could just have someone come dry and style it for me everyday (am I the only one who HATES drying my hair?).


Next up was Easter, a sign that spring and new life was on the horizon. I know conversation about weather is trite, boring, and usually a filler; but in all sincerity, I have never been more thankful for spring than I have been this year.


Last year’s baby is this year’s toddler, and he loves Easter egg hunting if chocolate is involved!


First time dying Easter eggs. Definitely messy, but fun, business.


This girl. She just exudes joy over everything. I totally forgot about involving her with Easter since I was so consumed with the toddler. And, you know what, she didn’t care that I was a day late with a basket. She loved it. That’s the wonderful things about a baby. Total forgiveness and love 🙂


Mother’s Day 2014.


Josh turned 28, and we celebrated with a chocolate cake, vanilla, chocolate-chip cookie dough trifle.

The “Me”

How things are going for me often depend on how things are going for Josh. Many rotations are really taxing for our family, as we become ships in the night just trying to survive on autopilot. During these rotations, I honestly just want to fly home to my mother. That’s not feasible, so I prefer to eat out for lunch and/or go shopping (yes, I’m aware of my retail therapy problem!). And in lieu of my mother’s physical presence, we find ourselves Skyping her a lot. Seriously, I have the best mother. And these kids have the best nana.

In contrast to the hard months, there are definitely some lighter rotations that carry us through. For that, I am very grateful.

I’m also, for the first time since marriage, really connecting with my community. We’re going to be living somewhere longer than four years, so I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in a church and other groups and meet some wonderful people.

Finally, I thought I would struggle with the whole stay-at-home-mom role, but surprisingly, it has really grown on me. I mean, look at these kids (and dog). How could it not grow on me?


There are days when I really miss teaching. I miss the intellectual stimulation, the engaging students, the supportive colleagues, and the ability to eat lunch or go to the bathroom when I need to.  But, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fulfillment I’ve gotten from staying at home with my children. There’s no more frustration from trying to successfully juggle two worlds. I can be here for my husband who has crazy hours. I can be a cornerstone for my kids, who otherwise, would have both mom and dad flitting to and fro, never slowing down enough to notice the small, yet monumental, moments in their lives. I can fully take in this chapter of life. And because of that, I’ve realized that these moments with my ever-evolving family are priceless. I know that staying at home is not for every mom, but it’s definitely for us during this season.



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  1. Love this update! You are such a great mom, and your kiddos are going to be so happy one day to be able to read all about their lives as little ones.

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