Our 1st ER Escapade (Warning–some graphic images)

In this post you will find everything you ever needed to know (and too much more) about Caleb’s first ER visit and how it came about.

Disclaimer: All photos were taken when Caleb was calm and not bleeding. His well-being was put above picture-taking 🙂


Scene of the accident. Presumably, Caleb tripped while running and fell into that corner where yellow meets blue. He had one shoe off, which probably caused the poor footing. Although Josh and I were both a few feet away, we didn’t actually see the fall happen. We just heard the terrible wailing and saw ridiculous amounts of blood.


Here’s the head wound before stitches. This was taken about 20 minutes after the fall, and Josh had gotten Caleb cleaned up with bleeding mostly under control.


We’re headed to the hospital. Josh sat in the back with him, so he could apply pressure to spontaneous bleeding. Folks, I couldn’t have done this without my amazing husband. If you’re ever in this situation alone, call 911 because someone needs to be sitting with the wounded kid.


Sitting with Mommy while watching Cars 2 and holding hospital toys.


Sitting with Daddy, so Mommy could feed Baby Sisser.


All numbed up + some medicine, which significantly improved his spirits. And made him a bit loopy.


This girl pretty much chilled until the end when it was about two hours past her bedtime. We’d taken it just one step too far for her to stay happy. Such a sweet trooper!

IMG_20140527_204823_107-a All stitched up with instructions to keep Neosporin on it until it heals. Then, cover it in SPF 30 every day for at least a year.

All stitched up with instructions to keep Neosporin on the wound until it heals. Then, cover it in SPF 30 every day for at least a year.


Upon discharge, the hospital staff gave Caleb this Jake the Pirate doll and sword. He’s never even seen the show, so I was hoping to stick it in a Goodwill box. But, nope, he remembered his “piwate” the next morning 🙂


The next day he was inspired to be a doctor after his hospital visit.


He’s armed and ready to administer physicals to any willing squirrel he encounters on his walk.

In the end, our 1st ER escapade went about as smoothly as one could hope. I had a husband to help me, excellent medical care for my son, and only superficial wounds to deal with. Being in the hospital and seeing a traumatized child, for just a little while, certainly gave me a renewed sympathy for those have children dealing with so much more. What a great reminder for me to reach out to those with suffering little ones while loving on mine even more.



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  1. This looks like quite the experience. One of the pictures makes it look like he could be an actor in a haunted house or haunted trail! So thankful Dr. Paschall was home and you didn’t have to deal with this alone. I’m so glad K-bub is ok also and thankful for child life specialists making these situations a little better. I laughed so hard picturing Caleb trying to give a physical to a squirrel!

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