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Two Worthwhile Books

In the past month, I’ve read two worthwhile, engaging books. Here’s a quick rundown of each: THE PROS: Out of a Far Country For busy moms like myself, it’s so nice to find this sort of book–compelling and a quick read! The subtitle gives the ending away, but the journey is engaging enough that you will […]

The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson: A Review

For anyone who keeps up with the literary fashion and enjoys a faraway setting, you might feel the pressure to read this much-talked-about book. So, I did.  After some time on the library’s waiting list, I finally received this novel and started immediately since it couldn’t be renewed. With a little one running around, I […]

A New Chapter of My Reading Life

Something happened to me about 2.5 years ago. I was pregnant and realizing that I could not stay alert after 8 p.m. Reading? It just wasn’t happening. Grading papers or tidying up the house? Those things weren’t happening either. Pregnancy gave way to my precious baby, who obviously kept me just as exhausted. And now […]

“Never Let Me Go” Reveals the God-Sized Hole in Human Hearts

Friday night is usually our “Dinner and Movie” night, but last night was different. Millie and I carried on while Josh was sequestered away studying for Step 1, which is is just 13 days away. I really love to discuss the movie afterward, so being without the husband was a shame. This is a great movie […]