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39 Weeks

So, I’m cheating just a bit. I’m actually 38 weeks and 6 days, but rounding up is necessary at this stage, right?! This week I received a huge blessing and answer to prayer: My hard-working, exhausted husband was given a week-long vacation since his attending doctor was also on vacation. That meant he got to […]

Our Eventful Weekend

This past winter was a long one, but God heaped a whole lot of sunshine on us this past weekend. In short, Josh graduated from medical school, and we also found out the gender of our baby. In addition to those life-changing events, Caleb is now done with daycare and staying home with Daddy until […]

Baby #2!!!

Over two months ago I had an exciting realization, and I made sure to quickly type out my thoughts that evening so I wouldn’t forget about the day I found out about our precious blessing that was on its way. As most expecting moms, I will forever enjoy looking back at that moment when I realized […]

How to Encourage a Single Mom

Josh has been home for a mere 24 hours, and I’m already readjusting to our normal way of life (which still includes a lot of his absences, but is WAY better than NO Josh for 6 weeks!). As the three of us happily drove around running errands together today, those days of single mommyhood were […]

Forecast Predicts a Rough Winter with Sunny Patches

This November has been colored with gray skies, loneliness, stress, and tiredness. Josh has been continually absent due to transitional and residency interviews, which, despite my tone, we are very thankful for! Within the span of a month, he’s been flying and drying everywhere from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, and back again. Once he comes home for […]

Post-Election and Political Ponderings (Please pardon the profuse alliteration)

Just four short years ago I was a political zealot of sorts. I had spent most of my life showing a keen interest in politics, with the hope of even running for an office one day–yes, I know that’s a laughable scenario to some who know me. And, although I still find politics and the study of […]

The Sweetness of Life

Seeing the miracle of my son come to fruition will never cease to amaze me. With full-time work looming (12 days away, to be exact), I have been reminded of Emily Dickinson’s words: “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” I would also add to her observation that how it [life] came to […]