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Five weeks ago I walked into a classroom full of revelry and anticipation. Summer break was starting the next day. And, for me, that meant an indefinite break from teaching. Very sad, indeed. For the entire month of May, my students had been bidding me farewell through well wishes, fancy stationery, and scrawled notebook paper […]

Why the Traditional Research Paper is a Worthless Task for High Schoolers

I realize that what I’m about to say seems blasphemous to the art of teaching English, particularly to those who have spent the greater part of their careers establishing and perfecting unit plans on The research paper. I’m all about old-school when it’s appropriate. For instance, I recently pulled out my diagramming tools from the […]

La Morte d’Writing Conventions

After grading thousands of papers (literally), I notice a trend in certain neglected conventions by even the best of writers, some typographical and some grammatical. Sadly, I do believe that their dismissal will become so commonplace that a new standard will be set. Here’s my list of soon-to-be¬†bygone rules. The British do whatever way they […]