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Important Blog Update!

Because my blog will be more personal in nature from now on, I will be password-protecting most posts. If you’re following and would still like to read all my posts, please email/Facebook message me for the new password. It should be easy-peasy to remember for those who know me well 🙂 Advertisements

God is Not Silent, Nor is He Fair

Too many times I receive an answer to prayer, but only rejoice temporarily. Then the dark cycle begins again. Difficulty–>Emptiness–>Questioning “Why”–>Doubting the “Who,” which is God. As I’m getting older an more preoccupied; I realize that I MUST stop and record my journey with Jesus. This blog is just one of many outlets. An email […]

Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

For my birthday I received both a bundt cake pan and an apple peeler/slicer. I thought I would attach a few pictures of the results for those of you who helped contribute by giving me these wonderful gifts. This recipe turned out really well, and I hope to use it again. And, for the record, […]

The Circle Trilogy

I finished The Circle Trilogy over a month ago, and I have meant to blog about these books ever since. From a literary standpoint, I would give them a B, but from a plot standpoint, I would have to give them an A+. First, I was surprised at how fast I finished three books, but […]

Summer Reading

Whenever I hear people say “I hate to read,” I think it must be pretty sad to live in such a state of ignorance. They have no idea what they’re missing, and, unfortunately, they’ve probably been too overstimulated by our culture to understand this simple pleasure of life. I’m not advocating for three hours of […]